Digital History Project Team

Virginia Tech Faculty Members

Tom Ewing, Project Director, Department of History
C. Edward Watson, Project Manager, Senior Instructional Designer
Robert Stephens, Department of History
Marian Mollin, Department of History
David Hicks, School of Education
Amy Nelson, Department of History
Hayward "Woody" Farrar, Department of History
Mark V. Barrow, Jr., Department of History
Kathleen Jones, Department of History
Daniel Thorp, Department of History

Virginia Tech Student Assistants

Jane Lehr, 2004-2007
Eliza Dandridge, 2007
Jared Bond, 2006
Anne Greenwood, 2006
Tara Ashley, 2005-2006
Evan Noble, 2005-2006
Rudy Picardo, 2005
Mike Royston, 2005
Tom Snediker, 2005
Regan Shelton, 2005
Terry Burcin, 2004-2005
Huaiying Gao, 2003-2004


Visual Design Studio 4 at Virginia Tech
Design Assistance, Layout, and Coding by Brian McGill

Financial Support

The National Endowment for the Humanities
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Department of History at Virginia Tech
School of Education at Virginia Tech
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech

Kristi and Michael Snyder, Class of '91, Vice President, Snyder & Associates Construction

Ken Noe, Class of '81, Professor of History, Auburn University, Alabama

Susan Archer, Bookkeeper, Department of History, Virginia Tech