Teacher's Guide

To facilitate learning in the classroom, the Digital History Reader provides a variety of materials designed for teachers interested in exploring specific modules of the DHR. Teachers are encouraged to use the accompanying lesson plans, lecture outlines, role playing simulations, and other materials written by DHR contributors to teach the modules listed below in more depth.

EU 04: The End of Optimism? The Great Depression in Europe

Model lesson plan for teaching using the Digital History Reader

Created by Virginia Tech faculty and graduate students as a guide to teaching modules in the advanced secondary or higher-education classroom, the packet above includes a detailed lesson plan, a presentation for use in the classroom, lecture notes for use by the instructor, an outline for students taking notes on the lecture and the module, a game template designed to highlight the module's main themes, and a rubric developed to guide students through sample primary source analyses.

The materials for the modules listed below, designed in the same vein as those above, were created by students in a pre-service teacher training program at Virginia Tech as an assignment during the 2005-2006 academic year.

US 08: Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Leader?

Lesson Materials: Print Format | Presentation Format

US 04: Abolitionism and the Struggle for Women's Rights

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EU 05: 1968: A Generation in Revolt

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