Publications and Presentations

The publications and presentations listed below may be password protected due to copyright restrictions. Please email Tom Ewing to gain access.

May 2007

E. Thomas Ewing and Robert P. Stephens, "The Digital History Reader: Teaching Resources for United States and European History." Perspectives. (PDF)

April 2005

Robert P. Stephens, Jane L. Lehr, Daniel B. Thorp, and E. Thomas Ewing, "Using Technology to Teach Historical Understanding." Social Education 69(3): 151-154. (PDF)

March 2005

Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education
Phoenix, AZ

E. Thomas Ewing, C. Edward Watson, Amy Nelson, David Hicks, and Jane L. Lehr, "How Can Educational Technology Improve Content Knowledge and Classroom Pedagogy? Teaching History and Preparing Teachers With the Digital History Reader."

January 2005

American Historical Association
Seattle, WA

  • "Bringing Digital History Into the Introductory Survey Classroom: A Roundtable Discussion." (PDF)

  • Robert P. Stephens, "Teaching Visual Culture in Survey Classes With Computer-Based Multimedia."

  • Marian Mollin, "Work or Entertainment? The Promises and Perils of Moving History Assignments to the Web."

  • Daniel B. Thorp, "In Class and on the Computer: Comparing Two Modes of Student Discussion in Large Survey Classes."

October 2004

Virginia Council for the Social Studies
Norfolk, VA

E. Thomas Ewing, "Teaching the Great Depression: Resources for U.S., World, and European History." (PDF)

International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
Baltimore, MD

"Digital History Reader: Enhancing Learning and Understanding in U.S. and European History."

Part I

  • E. Thomas Ewing, "Overview."

  • C. Edward Watson, "Project Development and Considerations."

  • Robert P. Stephens, "Designing a Digital History Teaching Module."

  • David Hicks, "Evaluation."

Part II

  • C. Edward Watson, "Overview."

  • Robert P. Stephens, "Teaching Visual Culture With Digital Technology."

  • E. Thomas Ewing and Jane L. Lehr,"Teaching Historical Analysis Using the Digital History Reader."

  • David Hicks, "Evaluation."