Site Requirements

The Digital History Reader website is best viewed on monitors displaying at least 800 x 600 pixels and 16-bit color or higher. The DHR is designed to be viewed using the browsers listed below. Viewing the site within older browsers will result in irregular display and reduced functionality.

Recommended Browsers for PC

Netscape 7.x and above
Firefox 1.x and above
Internet Explorer 5.5 and above

Recommended Browsers for Macintosh

Safari 1.x and above
Netscape 7.x and above
Firefox 1.x and above

Note to Macintosh users: It is highly recommended that you not use Internet Explorer. According to this article on CNET and Microsoft's website Mactopia, Microsoft is no longer releasing updated versions of Internet Explorer for Mac.

Required Plug-ins

To enhance the learning process, the Digital History Reader incorporates media-rich content. You will need the following free plug-ins to play or display audio, video, and other interactive features:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Apple QuickTime Player
Adobe Shockwave Player
Adobe Flash Player