Module 04: The End of Optimism? The Great Depression in Europe


Printed Materials

Patricia Clavin, The Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939 (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000). Narrative account of the impact and spread of the Great Depression in Europe. Discusses economic causes as well as political and social effects.

John A. Garraty, "The New Deal, National Socialism, and the Great Depression." The American Historical Review 78(4) (October 1973): 907-944. Comparison of responses to the Depression by the American president Franklin Roosevelt and the German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Dietmar Rothermund, The Global Impact of the Great Depression, 1929-1939 (London: Routledge, 1996). Survey of the spreading effect of the Depression by an economic historian, with particular attention to the relationship between the developed "core" and underdeveloped "periphery" of nations.

Online Resources: Europe

"The Depression" on the Internet Modern History Sourcebook, hosted by Fordham University. Contains a small selection of primary sources on the Great Depression in Europe, including letters from Germany and an account by George Orwell.

1931 Labour Party Manifesto. Copy provided by Political Stuff.

Protest and Reform: The Jarrow Crusade, hosted by the BBC.
Narrative history and source materials describing one of the largest "hunger marches" of 1930s Britain.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler by Jeremy Noakes, hosted by the BBC. Narrative and documents examining Hitler in the context of the Depression.

Online Resources: The United States

American Life Histories: Manuscripts From the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940, part of the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress.

America From the Great Depression to World War II: Photographs From the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945, part of the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress.

New Deal Network, hosted by the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute. Online materials on the Depression in the United States concentrating on the policies and leadership of President Roosevelt.

H-US1918-1945, hosted by H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences online. Discussion network for historians, social scientists, and others interested in the interwar period of American history. Includes postings, announcements, and book reviews.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. Contains speeches and writings by the architect of the New Deal.

History Matters. Provides reviews of websites on American history in the interwar period.