Module 04: The End of Optimism? The Great Depression in Europe


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Europe and
the U.S.
Unemployment Protests Elections

Europe and the United States

1. Cartoon: "The Rise of the Dollar-Sun"
Die Rote Fahne, February 24, 1932

2. Cartoon: "The March of World Reaction"
Revolutionary Age, October 10, 1931


3. Chart
Unemployment statistics for Europe, 1929-1933

4. Animation
Unemployment statistics for Germany and Great Britain, 1925-1938

5. Photo: Berlin's Slump Centre
Collecting the dole

6. Photo: "Soup for the Siemens Unemployed Workers"
The Siemens soup line

7. Photo: Collecting Rations
The Siemens soup line

8. "20,000,000 Unemployed in World"
Revolutionary Age, April 7, 1930

Demonstrations, Strikes, and Protests

9. "Police Attack Hunger March"
Worker's Age, November 15, 1932

10. "Hunger Marches"
First-hand account of the protests by England's unemployed

11. "Marianne in Clover"
Observations on France's economic strength

12. "More Join Strike in France"
Daily Worker, August 5, 1930

13. "Germany Struggling to Her Feet"
Unemployement's effect on German politics

14. Street Clashes in Germany
U.S. Diplomatic Report

15. Photo: Workers in Roubaix
French women textile workers

16. Photo: "Austria's Unemployment Problem"
Demonstration in Vienna

17. Cartoon: "The Struggle Against Fascism"
Die Rote Fahne, November 5, 1931



Elections and Extremism in Germany

18. "Developments in Germany"
The Militant, February 1, 1930

19. "German Jobless over 6 Mill. Now"
Daily Worker, February 23, 1932

20. "Appeal of the Communist Party of Germany"
Daily Worker, August 7, 1931

21. Reports on Germany, 1930
British and U.S. Diplomatic Reports

22. Reports on Germany, 1931-1932
British and U.S. Diplomatic Reports

23. Poster: "Arbeit und Brot"
Hitler campaign poster

24. Elections to the German Reichstag

25. Poster: "Our Last Hope — Hitler"
Hitler campaign poster

26. Poster: "Leader, We Are Following You! Everyone Say Yes!"
Nazi power in Germany

27. Reports on Germany, 1934
U.S. Diplomatic Reports

28. Cartoon: "Hitler's Legal Murder of Workers"
Die Rote Fahne, November 29, 1931

29. Cartoon: "Hitler Arm in Arm With the Exploiters"
Die Rote Fahne, November 15, 1931