Module 07: Did World War II Advance Minorities, Women, and the Poor?


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African Americans Women Japanese Americans Navajo Code Talkers

African Americans

1. FDR's Executive Order 8802
June 25, 1941
2. Poster
"United We Win"

3. Poster
Dorie Miller: "above and beyond the call of duty"

4. Poster
Women Welders

5. Photo
Soldier Admiring Army Medal

6. Photo
Central Schools Check

7. Photo
Civil Defense Workers

8. Photo
Building a Plane

9. Photo

10. Photo
At Work in a Plant

11. Photo
Woman at a Munitions Plant

12. Photo
Young Secretary

13. Photo
Women at Army Supply Warehouse



14. Poster
"We Can Do It!"

15. Poster
"Keep 'Em Flying, Miss U.S.A."

16. Photo
At Work in a Munitions Plant

17. Photo

18. Photo
Lathe Operator

19. Photo
Riveter Operator

20. Photo
Auto Mechanic

21. Photo

22. Photo
Farm Workers

23. Photo
Woman at Work

24. Photo
Train Conductor

25. Photo

26. Photo
Sewing Uniforms

27. Photo
Office Workers

28. Photo
Leaving Work

29. Photo
Sorting Food

30. Photo
Factory Work

31. Photo
Administrative Work

Japanese Americans

32. FDR's Executive Order 9066
February 19, 1942

33. Photo
Mountain View, California

34. Photo
Posting of the Exclusion Order in San Francisco

35. Photo
Registration in San Francisco

36. Photo
Wartime Civil Control Station in San Francisco

37. Photo
Barracks at Minidoka in Eden, Idaho

38. Photo
High School in Heart Mountain, Wyoming


Navaho Code Talkers

39. Memo Authorizing Enlistment of Navaho Code Talkers
Code Talkers in U.S. Forces