Module 04: How Did Abolitionism Lead to the Struggle for Women's Rights?


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Module Evaluation: US 04: How Did Abolitionism Lead to the Struggle for Women's Rights?

Suggested Writing Assignments and Classroom Discussion

  1. Imagine that you are a white woman involved in the abolitionist movement. How would you explain to your socially conservative father, who opposes slavery but doesn't approve of your political activism, why you think it's important and appropriate for you to take a public and political stand against slavery?

  2. Women's activism in the abolitionist movement challenged the concepts of the "True Woman" and separate spheres in two fundamental ways: first, it moved women into the previously all-male public/political sphere; and second, it led some women to question their own subordinate status. Which of these consequences of female activism do you think played the largest role in leading American women to organize for women's rights? Why?