Module 08: Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Leader?

Evidence 5: Letter to the White House, April 20, 1972

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Reproduced below is letter of warning sent in 1972 by Jackie Robinson to Roland Elliott at the White House.


Original document of Jackie Robinson's letter to the White House in April 1972. The Document parchment is tan, with a red company logo entitled 'Jackie Robinson Construction' at the top.

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Jackie Robinson Construction Corp.
500 Sylvan Avenue. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 07632
Telephone: 201-871-4216

April 20, 1972

The Honorable Roland L. Elliott
Deputy Special Assistant to the President
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Elliott:

Thanks for your letter of the 14 th. I am sorry the President does not understand my concern. Black America, it seems, comes up short as Presidents study or give time to fashion standards that are designed to help all Americans when in reality it is a smoke screen.

Black America has asked so little, but if you can't see the anger that comes from rejection, you are treading a dangerous course. We older blacks, unfortunately, were willing to wait. Today's young blacks are ready to explode! We had better take some definitive action or I am afraid the consequences could be nation shattering.

I hope you will listen to the cries of the black youth. We cannot afford additional conflict.

Jackie Robinson (signature)

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