Module 05: Industrialization and Its Discontents: The Great Strike of 1877

Evidence 21: "The Frenzy, and What Came of It," 18 August 1877

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Like most other national newspapers, Harper's Weekly, in the aftermath of the strike, called for larger police forces, state militias, and federal troop levels to prevent or put down future labor uprisings. As it had during the strike, the newspaper also conveyed its views through illustrations included in its pages. The cover engraving for the August 18 issue, which bore the caption "The Frenzy, and What Came of It," is typical.

Questions to Consider

  • Why was a smoking gun included in the foreground (view the enlarged image)?

  • What did the illustration's background suggest?

  • Who were the two sitting figures supposed to represent?

  • What was the overall message of the picture?


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"The Frenzy, and What Came of It?" Harper's Weekly (18 Aug 1877), 637.

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